About Us


About Us

‘Tridosha’ is an Australian based and owned artisan food manufacturing company founded in 1997 and based in the Byron Bay hinterland.

For over twenty years ‘Tridosha’ has continued to create and manufacture artisan food products that are grounded in the aesthetics of food, the awareness of food production, ethical fair trade, and organic, plant based/vegan, cruelty free and sustainable food production,

 With a direct family link back to the home land of Sri Lanka, Tridosha is able to truly know the farming terrain and the workers who are responsible for the production and harvest of many of the raw ingredients used in Tridosha products.

All Tridosha products are hand blended and packaged in Australia.

 Gratitude and acknowledgement – a mindful exchange

It is with our hearts that we acknowledge the hands that grow our ingredients.

It is with our hands and hearts that we offer our products to you.


 Spice Merchant

Born in Sri Lanka, surrounded by spice and tea plantations, Senaka’s destiny was set. After a successful career in television production with years of demanding overseas travel, Senaka returned to his other home of Byron Bay to focus on his family based business, to redefine the concepts of production and consumption in the food industry, and to align his customers with the core value of holistic choice. Senaka is founding Spice Merchant and Master Spice Blender at Tridosha.


 Business Creative

With a sociology background, Justine’s beliefs and awareness were grounded in social justice and the ethics of food production. After a devoted career that focused on advocacy and aid in international tertiary education, Justine took leave to focus on her desire to create awareness in the food production industry – where the focus is not on quantity and mass production, but rather quality, acknowledgment and awareness. Justine is founding Business Creative & Manager and Master Tea Mixologist at Tridosha.

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