Spice of Life - Masalas

Spice of Life - Masalas


There are three blends to choose from:

Kashmiri Masala
The richness of the Tandoori. The North Indian style of cooking for chicken, beef or lamb.

Malabar Masala
The fire of Southern India. Like the traditional vindaloo, Malabar Masala is brought to perfection with chicken, beef prawn.

Kerala Masala
Golden spices to blend with coconut - creates a mild and aromatic Southern Indian curry.

Tridosha “Spice of Life”

The Tridosha “Spice of Life range introduces you to the distinctive, aromatic and rich colours of Indian and Sri Lanka spices.

Tridosha “Spice of Life” offers a unique gift range of whole spices and masala blends with three easy to use curry powders – mild, medium and hot.

All Tridosha products are all natural and hand blended and packaged in Australia.

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